Apple And Peanut Butter

Apple and Peanut Butter Recipe

Pairing apples with peanut butter not only makes for a perfect snacks, but has also proved to be healthy and nutritious. It makes you feel full for longer despite low calorie count and is frequently used as an after workout snack, for weight control and even for diabetes management.


  • The recipe given below serves only 1 person.
  • You can use green or red apples, your choice totally.
  • Peanut butter is available in market or you can make it at home.


  • 1 apple (green or red)
  • Peanut butter (crunchy or creamy)


  1. Take an apple. Slice it into smaller pieces. Put them aside in a plate.
  2. Take peanut butter out of the bottle. You can put it on one side of the plate or pour it above the apples.

This easiest and healthy recipe is ready in few minutes and is best for your health. Enjoy!





Is apple and peanut butter good for you?

Apples provide a source of whole-food carbs and fiber, while peanut butter contains more unsaturated fat than saturated fat which lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, both contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, and health-promoting plant compounds.


Are apples and peanut butter good after a workout?

An apple with peanut butter as a low-calorie post-workout snack can be used. One small apple with a tablespoon of peanut is under 150 calories, which is a perfect place to fall after a workout enough to fuel the muscles.


Is an apple and peanut butter a good late night snack?

This classic combination of apple and peanut butter is packed with protein, fiber, and complex carbs. The omegas in peanut butter improve heart health and also boost serotonin levels. While apples increase metabolic rate, regulates sugar levels by regulating the release of sugars.


Do apples and peanut butter help you lose weight?

Apples are an excellent source of fiber, while peanut butter contains protein. Eating these two foods together can help keep you feel full for a long time. It is good for people trying to loose weight.


Is it OK to eat peanut butter every day?

Yes, peanut butter is a good source of nutrition but it’s not all good. Small amounts of peanut butter occasionally is unlikely to cause any harm, but it shouldn’t be an everyday food.

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1 thought on “Apple and Peanut Butter Recipe”

  1. I grew up eating apples and peanut butter and LOVED it! I haven’t had it in years. I stumbled on this and had to get some peanut butter and apples. My favorite combo with peanut butter are the gala or fuji apples. Both are very sweet and soft. When I was eating them earlier, my dog even wanted one so I had to share. I am going to replace my nightly snack of ice cream with this for a while and see if it helps with weight loss.

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