What to eat today? – Day 14 of Healthy Meal Plan

Life has become more busy and dynamic these days Due to a busy lifestyle. Everybody is in a hurry and
has less time. But it would help if you manage time for your eating habits, eat food at the right time, be
a top priority, and eat healthy food is necessary for leading a healthy life. Make your dinner plate
colorful with diverse homemade foods, and these foods should be nutrition-rich that help maintains or
improve your physical and mental health.

Healthy Diet Plan for Food-Day 14

A 14th-day diet plan is going to cater to your variety of healthy food, and this healthy food would be
tasty and nutritious. A 14th-day balanced diet is comprised of 2100 calories, and it is imperative for
every adult. Following is the breakdown of 2100 calories.

Grilled Turkey Day 14
Grilled Turkey Day 14
Healthy Meal and Turkey Wrap Day 14
Healthy Meal and Turkey Wrap Day 14


It is a common phenomenon worldwide due to a busy and dynamic life; either people skip their
breakfast or take less food in breakfast that is not enough for ones per day need. Moreover, negligence
in eating a good breakfast may lead to different types of chronic diseases.
So, never miss out on your breakfast. You should eat your breakfast within one hour when you
awake.try to drink plain water in the morning before breakfast. And start your morning with healthy
food. You can take healthy ingredients at breakfast. As

  •  ½ cup oatmeal
  •  1 cup low fat or non-fat milk
  •  2tsp peanut butter
  •  Two whole-grain bread slices
  •  Black coffee or lime water


You can take half a cup of flavored or simple yogurt in snack


No doubt eating healthy food is essential because it maintains your overall health or staying energetic
and healthy, but just eating healthy food is not just the thing you have to eat your food on time. So it
would help if you eat your lunch on time because lunch is essential to refuel your body.
Different researches show that students or working people who eat their healthy lunch on time. It
affects their working ability. They work better as compared to those who skip their lunch. You can eat
turkey wrap in lunch; it is healthy and full of nutrition.

Grilled Turkey Day 14
Grilled Turkey Day 14
  •  Turkey wrap for recipe
  •  2 slices of cheese
  •  1 veggie tortilla or whole wheat
  •  2 lettuce leaves
  •  2 slices of roasted turkey, recipe
  •  2 slices of tomato
  •  4 slices of bell pepper
  •  Black coffee or herbal tea


In a snack, you can eat ordinary size apple


Of course, dinner is the most critical part of your daily eating routine. Skipping dinner can be disastrous
for your help. Dinner ought to be the right food at the right time. Your dinner plate should be healthy
and brief at the same time. Choose light but healthy food at night. It will regulate your body system and
reduce the risk of obesity, cancer, improve the digestive system, and better for a peaceful sleep.

  • 1 sliced green onion
  • 1 baked sweet potato
  • ¼ cup black beans
  • 2tsp Greek yogurt
  • ¼ cup low-fat cheese


In short, healthy and nutritious diet is essential for your overall health. By improving your diet, you can
bring change in your life. For this healthy change, a healthy diet is inevitable.

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