Great Christmas Gifts for Foodies

Great Christmas Gifts for Foodies

Great Christmas Gifts for Foodies

A chocolate subscription

You don’t need much of an explanation for this, chocolate has always been known to be the food of the gods and you can never go wrong with it. If the person you have in mind is a sweet tooth, then it might be a great idea to gift them the indulgence of a chocolate subscription. They will be happy with this thoughtful gift. There are different chocolate subscriptions out there and they are not the same, but you can choose between dark, white, milk, or go for something like a ‘discovery pack’ where the recipient is going to get a new and interesting flavor every month. The good thing about gifting a subscription is it is going to last long and will be kept alive for months. The person getting the gift is going to remember how great you are month after month when they get the delivery.

Afternoon tea delivery

Afternoon tea is a great gift. Do you know you can send your favorite people a box of high tea treats directly to them? Tea treats are great and the person getting them will appreciate that a lot. Imagine getting scones on demand. the afternoon tea usually comes with the essentials – scones, sandwiches, and cakes, while there are some options that will add fancy bits to make it even more special. Most of the subscriptions allow you to choose different dietary options. If the person you want to send the gift to prefers vegan or gluten-free, you can get it delivered.

High-welfare meat box

High Welfare Meat Box

Giving someone a box of meat doesn’t sound romantic, but it is a great gift. If you want to gift a friend or family member who is a foodie, a meat box can be a good option. This is great for someone who is a produce snob, and as every chef will tell you, you can be as good as the ingredients. You can buy meat online because there are many butchers offering delivery services, and they usually offer premium cuts and different styles. When you buy your relative or friend a meat box, they have the chance of knowing a new supplier that they can buy from in the future. You have a wide range of options to choose from when dealing with meat boxes. You can choose even organic and grass-fed options. It will boil down to your budget and preferences.

A restaurant cookbook

If the person you want to gift is a keen cook, this is going to be a great gift because they can get kitchen inspiration from their favorite chefs. Restaurant chefs are known to produce some of the best books. This is because they have been developing the recipes for perfect dishes for many years, so they have fiercely tested their recipes. They usually give the food to their patrons to give them the seal of approval. The most popular restaurants have their own cookbooks. Take your time to learn the chef that your friends or family likes then look for a cookbook from the restaurant or chef. When you gift them the cookbook, they can start making signature dishes from their favorite chefs.

A beer subscription

What if the person you want to gift doesn’t like wine and cocktails? A beer subscription can make a great gift. Craft beers are not cheap, and that is why they are going to appreciate it. the good thing with these subscriptions is you can make a one-off purchase for one, three, or six months. The offerings are usually selected by passionate experts in this field. They usually visit many places around the country or even the world looking for new brews.

Coffee Sub

Coffee subs make a great gift and provide that special person in your life with a nice bundle of items monthly. Allowing them to enjoy, explore and expand their palate. You can buy coffee beans online here or go down the sub route either.

A bottle of Champagne

A good old-fashioned bottle of fizz is a great option, especially when there is something worth celebrating. Champagne is always classy and it is a great indulgent gift. If you want to take it a step higher, you can go for the best Champagne then accompany it with a wine cooler or special glasses. When looking for a bottle of Champagne to gift someone, think about significant dates then look for a vintage bottle if possible. This is great because it shows you put a little thought into your gift.


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