How to help your body to fight against diseases

How to help your body to fight against diseases

What is a disease?

In various researches, scientists have found that the human body has a highly developed mechanism of fighting against germs and bacteria. We call this the immune system of the body.

The immune system develops antibodies and various other cells to fight against the germs and bacteria that may attack the body. The important thing to know is that most vaccines and medicines that are intaken externally also help develop the antibodies inside our body.

Basically, the drugs we use to cure the symptoms of various diseases that affect us also aim to develop the antibodies inside our bodies to help our bodies fight the same germs in the future without any external dose.

Various medicines can also be found in Ayurveda shops that can help fight various germs and external diseases, causing microbes and pathogens to heal the body.

Why diseases happen and how our body fights them

The disease literally means any form of the condition which puts our bodies out of ease. When the whole body system is not at ease, it is called the state of a disease.

The human body is intricately constructed in various physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual levels. All these body levels must be functioning at their best if the body has to thrive and evolve with time.

Any form of small or sometimes large fluctuations that may happen in any of these levels may eventually manifest as a disease or sometimes simply chronic conditions in the body that cause pain or suffering of any kind.

Generally, we connect the term disease to any form of physical ailment. Still, it can actually be caused by some disbalance in any of the mental, emotional, or spiritual functioning of the body and manifest as a problem in the physical body over time. This can be avoided by keeping one’s overall health, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, in check.

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The human body is a highly evolved piece of machinery that has earned its place on top of the ecological pyramid and food cycle, by years of evolution that have taken place, whose memory is carried by our cells in the basic DNA that structures our bodies.

Years of evolutionary growth have led our bodies’ immune systems to develop, and it is still developing with time. As new pathogens discover ways to attack our bodies, our immune system evolves and keeps finding new ways to fight them and keep us safe.

Sometimes, the immune system needs help. This is when doctors develop external vaccines for certain diseases by weakening the pathogens that cause them and inserting them in our bodies. It seems scary, but our immune system finds a way to fight them and store these antibodies in our body if we are actually attacked by these diseases causing microbes in the future.

The important thing to know here is that in any way, it is our immune system and the nervous system that heals the body or fights against harmful bacteria or germs.

Medicines and Ayurveda

After many years of research and studies, doctors have developed various drugs and medicines for various diseases to heal the body and sometimes instant relief. These are specifically important in older people and small children whose immune system is still developing.

These days, people are also opting for alternate ways to help with various physical ailments like Ayurveda. Herbal medicines can be easily found in Ayurveda shops that can also help heal the body without causing any harmful side effects.

Ayurveda is a form of ancient medicine practice rooted in the Indian subcontinent aiming to balance the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha elements of one’s body. Ayurveda practitioners believe that every form of the disease can actually be simplified to a disbalance in one or more than one of these three basic elements.

Using chemical medicines is definitely useful in serious illnesses, but one can not ignore their consequences in the body after prolonged usage. Many of them can cause liver damage, kidney dysfunction, problems with sleep patterns, and even heart issues.

Ayurveda provides an alternate way of relieving the symptoms and helps with diseases using basic herbs and natural products easily found in one’s kitchen garden. It also includes yoga and certain types of meditation and massages to encourage the healing process and maintain one’s overall health.

How to keep the immune system strong?

Now that we all know that the most important defense for our bodies against all kinds of physical and even mental ailments is our own immune system, we must also know how to strengthen it and keep it in its best shape to fight harmful bacteria pathogens.

Some ways to keep the immune system strong are:

  1. Maintaining a healthy weight: obesity has been one of the most common health conditions among the whole world’s population. Apart from being detrimental to the condition of one’s heart and lungs, having extra weight can be very harmful to the immune system of one’s body. In fact, having a lower than average weight can also result in a weak immune system.
  2. Exercise: maintaining one’s weight can be well accompanied by exercising regularly. Physical fitness and stamina are a plus if one is to have a strong immune system.
  3. Adequate sleep: an average adult needs about 7-8 hours of sleep each day. Often, we tend to lose sleep due to anxiety, stress, or just unhealthy sleeping patterns. While there are numerous consequences of having an unhealthy sleep routine, it can also affect one’s immune system. To have a healthy lifestyle, one must stick to healthy sleeping habits like enough sleep at night, sleeping simultaneously every day, and avoiding long day naps.
  4. Avoid smoking and drinking: intoxicating substances like tobacco and alcohol tend to be addictive in the long run and harmful to the body. To keep one’s immune system healthy, one must also avoid using these substances frequently or consume them occasionally with lots of hydration and sleep afterward.



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