Iconic Fast-Food Chains in the US

Iconic Fast-Food Chains in the US

Are you looking for the best Fast-Food Chains in the US? When it comes to American cuisine, fast-food chains can take center stage as our most recognizable food items are offered, developed, and mastered by these restaurants. We really can’t deny just how popular these chains are in the US when we have lots of iconic brands that can define a portion of local food scenes.

Fast-Food Chains in the US

What are these iconic brands? Here are a few that might just help you get to know how other cities and regions enjoy their fast food.

The Varsity – Atlanta

Atlanta’s The Varsity is best known for several things:

  1. It’s already an institution in the city since it has been around for more than ninety years now.
  2. It has the world’s biggest drive-thru. It occupies two blocks in Downtown Atlanta and employs numerous carhops to keep the line moving.
  3. It was able to power through some of the biggest events held in the area. These include the 1996 Summer Olympics, five World Series, three Super Bowls, and an MLS Cup championship. They get to serve up to 30,000 diners on big game Saturdays so they’re not necessarily fazed by major events.
  4. They have their own lingo that you can easily pick up in just a few visits.

This family-owned chain may not have expanded to its full potential but with the way it has cornered the Atlanta market, you can say that they’re in good hands. They have now even transcended being just a famous local fast food eatery as they are now considered as a tourist destination.

Must-haves: Chili dog, Frosted Orange

In-N-Out Burgers – California

No one can deny the fact that In-N-Out is a fast-food icon not just in Southern California but for the entire country already. Visitors from out of state and country all make sure to include a visit to one of their stores if they’re ever near one just so they can sample the much-hyped burgers, fries, and shakes of this chain.

Must-haves: Animal-style burgers, Well-done fries, anything from the secret menu

Popeyes – Louisiana

Also known as Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, this chain carries its state with great pride. And why not when they offer some of the most amazing Southern-style fried chicken and biscuits in the country? Its fans’ loyalty isn’t just about the food, though. Like many other chains from the region, they’re also loved by many for the fact that they’re from the South.

Must-haves: Chicken Sandwich, Fried Chicken, biscuits,

Blimpie – New Jersey

 Fast-Food Chains in the US

Blimpie may not be as big as Subway but most folks from New Jersey will choose their sandwiches over any others at any time of day. They offer a combination of great tasting Jersey-style options, guaranteeing to give the fix you need.

Must-haves: Blimpie Best, BLT Deli Sub

Sonic Drive-In – Oklahoma

The Sonic Drive-In is a fascinating fast food concept from the get-go. It started out as a trailblazer as it was one of the first drive-in fast-food chains in the country to use intercoms. Through the years, however, they didn’t really change how they operate but the concept continued to work. Now they embody a retro concept that isn’t contrived or trying hard.

Must-haves: Anything from their massive beverages menu, Onion Rings, Sonic Bacon Cheeseburger, Vanilla Shake

Krystal – Tennessee

When someone says Southern fast food, Krystal would be the first chain that will come to mind. Their mini burgers are the epitome of convenience since they’re just the right size to devour whole, making them perfectly simple to eat whatever you may be doing. Southerners love their grub and can be very loyal to the brand, making it a regional icon like no other.

Must-haves: Famous Krystal Burger, Cheese Krystal, grits,

Culver’s – Wisconsin

Culver’s would be the answer of many Wisconsinites if you ask them what the taste of home would be. Sure, they may have their favorite home-cooked dish but to properly convey what home tastes like for many from this neck of the woods, Culver’s Butterburgers and frozen custard would be the easier to understand the answer. This chain is so iconic that even if it’s not available all over the US, it still managed to get voted as America’s favorite burger in 2019.

Must-haves: Butterburgers, frozen custard,

White Castle – Midwest

You won’t find lots of actual movies about someone’s quest to visit a fast-food chain but White Castle has one. It’s quite fitting, really, since the White Castle is the oldest fast food in America and they have a solid cult following. It’s pretty much a staple in the Midwest but many other parts of the country also enjoy their offerings.

Must-haves: Original slider, Chicken and Waffle slider, Double cheese slider, Chocolate Shake

Grab a bite at any of these iconic fast-food chains and you may just gain a better understanding of how American cuisine is like.


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