Mouth-Watering Chicken Dishes Everyone Should Try

Mouth-Watering Chicken Dishes Everyone Should Try

If you ask meat eaters what their favourite dish is, most people would tell you it is Chicken. Chicken is probably the only one that is not harmful and is easiest on the stomach of the meat options. Chicken has the quality to adapt well with many different kinds of spices. The spices blend well with Chicken, giving a rich flavour, especially when marinated for a few hours. That is why you will find more chicken recipes than beef, mutton, pork, or any other type of meat. Chicken is tasty, versatile, and a favourite for foodies all around the world.

How healthy or unhealthy a chicken dish depends on the way it is cooked. Grilled Chicken has little to no excess cholesterol and is rich in protein, giving your body just what it needs. On the other hand, frying the Chicken does enhance the taste, but deep-fried Chicken could carry more cholesterol and calories than are healthy for you. Most salads contain boiled or grilled Chicken and hence are as healthy as they are tasty. Chicken is one of the richest sources of proteins, making it one of the healthiest foods available.

There are many health benefits of eating Chicken that is not commonly known by the masses, so we’ll list them down for you one at a time.

Advantages of consuming Chicken

– Helps in blood pressure regulations

– Rich in proteins, it has a satiating effect and hence helps in controlling/reducing weight

– Very useful against skin disorders and avoiding cataracts

– Reduces blood cholesterol, keeping heart disorders in check

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Some interesting stats

As mentioned above, Chicken is especially healthy because of its high protein content and low-fat content. Some details of each part are as follows:

– Breast with skin – about 7 grams

– Breast without skin – about 3g

– Thighs with skin – about 22g

– Thighs without skin – about 25g

– Wings with skin – about 26g

– Wings without skin – about 29g

– Leg with skin – about 12 g

– Leg without skin – about 12 g

How to buy Chicken

Buying Chicken could be a tricky business; you don’t want to buy something else packaged as Chicken or Chicken that has expired. The packing, shipping, and storing methods all affect the freshness, taste, and quality of Chicken. First of all, it is important to check the Chicken label and then check to see if it is wrapped properly in plastic. A tag that says “reduced price” is a red flag, and you should be extra careful. Lastly, never buy a chicken whose ‘use-by date has passed. That wouldn’t only taste bad; it could also be a health risk.

Cooking Methods

As mentioned above, Chicken is one of the most versatile foods because it can be cooked in many different ways with many different ingredients. We list some of the ways below.

– Grilled Chicken: Medium to high heat is used on a barbecue grill to heat the Chicken in a short time. It gives the Chicken a texture that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

– Roast Chicken: Open pans are used to give an oven-cooked feel at medium temperature.

– Sauteed Chicken: Similar to frying but lighter as medium heat is used in a frying pan

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Best Chicken Dishes You Should Try

Now that we’ve covered different ways of making Chicken let’s move to some delicious recipes that would leave your mouth watering. The recipes we chose can easily be prepared at home and won’t cost you too much.

Chicken Tikka Masala:
Chicken Tikka Masala is a world-famous Pakistani and Indian dish. People all around the world love it if it has been cooked the right way. This Instant Pot tikka masala recipe is quick to cook and can be easily made at home. It has small pieces of Chicken in a curry sauce that is quite spicy. The dish has a rich, attractive colour to a shade of red/orange and is easily recognizable owing to its look.

Chicken Biryani:
Next on our list is another dish of subcontinent dissent. Chicken Biryani is a rice dish full of spices. It has many different versions though one of the most famous ones is Karachi Biryani, which has many Chicken Leg pieces and potatoes. An assortment of herbs and spices are added to give it a richer flavour.

Cheese Stuffed Chicken:
A famous continental dish that has its origins in European countries. Melted mozzarella cheese is injected into the Chicken Breast, giving it a wholesome and plumpy look. It is often served with a collection of boiled vegetables to make it a complete meal. The Chicken itself is fried, and the best part of the meal is when the cheese comes oozing out of the cut Chicken.

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Chicken Chilli Dry:
For those of you who like something spicy, Chicken Chilli Dry will be a favourite. Small chunks of boneless Chicken are fried with green chillies and black pepper. The dish itself is kept dry, and it is often too spicy to be eaten directly, so many people serve it with fried rice. The rice adds to the overall taste and dilutes the strength of the chillies as well.

Black Pepper Chicken:
It is a famous Chinese dish, which again is on the spicier side. As opposed to Chicken Chilli Dry, Black Pepper Chicken has gravy brewed with a heavy amount of Black Pepper. Some onions and green chillies are also added for the extra spice, but the taste of Black Pepper is most dominant. This too is served with rice.

You could pick up any of these dishes right now and start making one. You will be done in a few hours and would be thanking us. We recommend you start with the Instant Pot Tikka Masala, whose recipe we have also included. Happy eating!


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