Perfect Duos: 10 Ultimate Snack and Coffee Pairings

Perfect Duos: 10 Ultimate Snack and Coffee Pairings

Coffee is the world’s most popular beverage. From our morning cup of black coffee to the mocha frappé paired as a sweet nightcap to close out the day, it is one of the only few beverages that can be consumed any time of the day and can be paired with almost every food. But there are some coffee and food pairings out there that are just too good to resist. The flavors and aromas of coffee run deep, and when combined with certain dishes, your coffee can reveal tastes and qualities that you didn’t even know were there.

Best coffee and snacks combinations

There are many coffee and food combinations out there. Unfortunately, coffee pairing is more of an art than a science. It has a range of flavors and other tasting notes. Here we bring you the perfect duo of some delicious snacks and food paired with different types of aromatic coffees.

1. Dark Chocolate and Espresso

Both coffee and dark chocolate are intense in flavor and aroma, but the bitter notes of a cup of espresso paired with the intensely flavorsome dark chocolate make the perfect morning snack. The rich flavors of the coffee and chocolate pair wonderfully with each other and are good equals in terms of strength. So here’s a tip: you can merge the two in a delicious energizing treat: chocolate-covered coffee beans. Dark chocolate can be bitter, but you can combat any bitter or acidic notes in this combination by pairing the espresso with dark chocolate that has a little added flavor, such as caramel.

Dark Chocolate And Espresso

2. Berries and Caramel Frappé

If you want something tangy paired with a mild coffee, berries with a frappé are the way to go. For a perfect afternoon snack, pair assortments of berries with a tall glass of caramel frappé. You can even top the beverage with some whipped cream to give it a more creamy and delightful touch.


3. Hummus with Americano

Although we consume it differently, hummus is actually a middle eastern breakfast food. The combination of tahini, garlic, and chickpeas are often paired with coffee by some people in the U.S. We suggest you pair the garlicky hummus with a strong cup of Americano to balance out your palette and enjoy the subtle hint of flavors in the hummus and the intense notes of coffee in the Americano together.

Hummus With Americano

4. Cheese with Medium Roast

Cheese is a food loved by all, but cheese and coffee pairings are relatively nontraditional. However, a bite of slightly sharp cheddar or high-quality ricotta with a slight note of sweet flavor matches the pleasantly bitter and warm cup of medium roast. Serve a cheese course after dinner paired with coffee or espresso.

Cheese With Medium Roast

5. Nuts with Mint Mocha Latte

Nuts are the perfect snack to munch on in between work. They are delicious when paired with mint-flavored coffee drinks. In addition, some nutty goods like salty nuts, caramelized cashew nuts, and dipped in chocolate walnuts will pair exceptionally well with a flavored coffee, like mint or pecan.

Nuts With Mint Mocha Latte

6. Spicy Food and Iced Coffee

Spicy food craves coffee, but not just any coffee. Spicy kimchi or hot peri bites would be best if you combined it with iced coffees like iced mocha or cold brew. Spices make coffee more flavorful as they draw out the strong notes of the bean. Sipping a tall glass of flavorful iced coffee while munching on a delicious spicy dish is a great way to increase your enjoyment of the beverage, as all of the flavor notes will be intensified.

Spicy Food And Iced Coffee

7. Salty Food and Espresso or Salted Caramel Latte

Salt is very complimentary to coffee as the pairing goes so well with one another. Adding salt to any dish is a classic way of making it tastier due to this principle. And pairing salty food with a strong cup of espresso can help reduce the bitterness of the coffee. Salty foods can also be paired with a latte with a flavor shot of salted caramel in it.

Salty Food And Espresso

8. Cooked Breakfast and Cappuccino

There’s nothing quite like a hearty cooked breakfast and a pot of fresh coffee to start the day. A cooked breakfast is traditionally quite sweet, intensifying the taste and aroma of coffee. A hot cup of cappuccino can be a satisfying addition to your delicious home-cooked Mexican omelet paired with sausages and Belgian waffle with caramel syrup drizzled all over them.

Cooked Breakfast And Cappuccino

9. Meat and Dark Roast

Yes, you can eat meat and have coffee on the side. Meat is a tough pairing, but a dark, savory coffee can hold its own with most meats’ full flavor and texture. Combine the two for a double taste sensation. Pairing coffee with a BBQ rub will accentuate the flavors of the meat and bring out subtleties of flavor in your brew.

Meat Plate And Dark Roast coffee

10. Baked Goods with Mochachinno

You can drink just about any coffee with baked goods, but we suggest you pair them with a hybrid between cappuccino and mocha, known as the mochaccino. The savory flavors of baked goods, like croissants or muffins, will balance out the rich sweetness of the drink. You can order some of your favorite baked goods from They even have a perfectly curated Coffee Pairing Variety Pack that consists of various types of baked goods, including honey buns, cheese danish, sweet muffins, and some mini plain croissants that would go perfectly with a warm cup of mochaccino.

Baked Goods With Mochachinno


These perfect combinations of coffee and snacks will inspire you to try some new and delicious treats with your coffee. The most important factor to think about with any pairing is balance, and this is a principle that is deeply important when blending coffee, and it is the same when partnering coffee with food. The two should complement each other and should be able to coexist in perfect harmony. You need the right coffee brew to enhance subtle notes while balancing out bold flavors in your snack treats. Coffee can be cleverly teamed up with food to enhance its own character or bring something different and unexpected. Enjoy, and indulge!



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