What to Cook for Your Meat-Loving Family for Dinner

What to Cook for Your Meat-Loving Family for Dinner

Meta Description: Gravy, stir-fry, grill, or one-pot, meat makes your dishes delicious! Here’s how you can prepare a protein-rich dinner for your meat-loving family.

What to Cook for Your Meat-Loving Family for Dinner

Planning for dinner is in itself a chore especially when you have a family with diverse tastes. Why not find a common ground? Meat, which is mainly composed of water, fats, and lots of proteins, is considered to be healthy, nutritious, and absolutely scrumptious. If your family loves anything that has meat in it, then you’re at the right place.

What’s for Dinner?

Below you’ll find a list of dinner ideas that range from slow-cooking to dishes that you can cook within 30 minutes. These are comfort foods at their best when it comes to home-cooked meals. Here’s a chance for you to explore and experiment with classic dishes which include various types of meat-based meals, especially with everyone’s favorite – beef.

Beef/Chicken/Turkey/Pork Stir Fry

When you have less time on your hands or you’re exhausted after a long day, the perfect dinner for you and your family would be stir-fry. It’s so simple, quick and all the ingredients come together in a wok or a large pan.

Stir-fry recipes are packed with flavors! You can choose any type of vegetable along with your preferred type of meat. You can use beef, chicken, pork, or even turkey to prepare this stirfry. You can also sizzle it up a notch by adding in noodles and experimenting with different herbs and spices like oregano, basil, rosemary, etc. The best part is that if you prefer your meals a little tangy, you can also add citrus zest or fruit juices to your stir-fry recipe.

Meat Jerky

Cooking beef/chicken/pork jerky from scratch is fairly easy but sometimes it isn’t as tender as ready-made or store-bought kind. With just a few ingredients, such as soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce, that are a staple in your home, you can also make tasty meat jerky for your family.

However, if you’d like to avoid the hassle, you can always try out some brands at and select whichever meat you’d like from a wide variety of options.


Smoked Brisket

This dish is a time-consuming one, so make sure you plan and purchase your ingredients well ahead of time. In addition, there are a lot of instructions on how you can perfectly smoke your brisket because they usually tend to get overcooked.

Briskets are pieces of beef, where the meat consists of two muscle groups – the flat and the point. These muscle groups have long and strong fibers which become so soft and tender when cooked properly.

It takes about 90 minutes to smoke a pound of brisket. Usually, briskets are firstly seasoned, brined, and dry-rubbed before placing them on the smoking grill. For added flavor, Remove the half-cooked brisket off the grill, place it on heavy-duty aluminum foil, pour the beef broth on it, and replace it back on the grill. The only downside to this dish is that if you’re cooking a large brisket, you may need to spend an entire day on it.

Classic Meat Burgers

Burgers never go out of style when it’s lunch or dinner time. The best meat used for burgers is beef as they are lean and packed with flavor. Make a circular patty by grinding beef, mixing it with some herbs and spices, and freezing it before frying. You can put add-ons as per your and your family’s preference such as extra layers of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and dollops of ketchup, mayonnaise, or both. This dish is simple, quick, and loved by people of all ages.

Steaks & Gravy

This dish also comes together quickly if you already have beef or chicken steak ready. For this recipe, chicken fried steaks along with stir-fried vegetables, gravy, and mashed potatoes make up a wholesome and nutritious dinner. You may also want to try Garlic Herb Steak Marinade before you add it to the mix to add a dash of flavor blending.


This is a favorite among children, teens, and busy adults who do not have the time to cook. Nevertheless, eating something which is homemade is in itself a rewarding experience even if it is as simple as spaghetti or pasta. You can have it with or without veggies and also add a fried egg for extra protein.

To make it more flavorful, fry the vegetables and meat in butter, add some cheese in the end, and pop it in the oven to get the ooey-gooey feel of the dish.

Grilled Chicken/Beef

Grilled meat is basically a holiday dish where the whole family gets together and participates in preparing the meal. This dish is also relatively easy but you have to stick around the grill to make sure you don’t overcook your meat.

Chicken, beef, or pork, all taste great and delectable when grilled so take your pick without feeling doubtful of missing out on a tasty dish; because you won’t! So take out that grill cover and start grillin’ some meat!

Traditional Meatloaf

A classic meatloaf that tastes very much like a burger patty is a perfect dinner idea for you and your family. All ingredients come together in the shape of a bread loaf that not only has meat in it but is filled with veggies too. If your kids love meat but don’t prefer vegetables, this is a perfect way to blend them inside the meat and they won’t suspect a thing.

Dinner for the Early Years

Toddlers and babies require a specific amount of protein every day and beef contributes to that nutrition. Chopped, pureed, cubed, or shredded, kids absolutely love beef and studies show it has many health benefits too. During the first year, a baby’s body weight triples in size and increases brain activity by 40 percent. It provides a boost in minerals such as iron and zinc which can help in developing a healthy immune system.

Chicken is also a great source of protein and vitamins. However, some picky-eaters can be fussy during dinner time. Therefore, to make it easier on them and on yourself, prepare a fun and healthy dinner so they get curious about the food and want to try them. Examples include: pigs in a blanket, chicken or beef quesadillas cut in various shapes, homemade pizzas, or you can try making finger foods or soups if they are always on the go.

Balanced Nutrition

Breakfast and lunch are always a hurried affair so to get balanced nutrition from a dish, include all kinds of vegetables, meat, and fruits in your dinner plan. You can cook them separately or together such as the meatloaf, and include fruits as desserts. This way, you and your family will receive ample proportions of proteins, vitamins, minerals, iron, and other nutrients to keep you healthy.


Planning for dinner can be overwhelming if people in your family have different tastes. If, however, your family is a meat-loving family, you don’t need to stress anymore. You can try out a variety of meat recipes, ranging from 30-minute meals to slow-cooking smoked brisket.

In the case of your children, be a good role model as most of the time children tend to follow adults. Enforce good eating habits so you don’t have to stress over cooking something else for them.



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