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15 Healthy Snacks That Can Help You Lose Weight

Everybody love Snacks. There’s hardly find a person who hate those. Most of the people avoiding the snacks because they think snacks are the main cause for weight gain. If you are a snack lover, but thinking to stopping the daily snack intake or already avoiding the snacks read this article carefully. Because you may be in the wrong pathway in weight loss journey.

Overweight and obesity turned into an epidemic in the America. About 60% of USA citizens have identified with overweight. Most of them are struggling to reduce weight. And there are other group of people who are putting lots of effort to maintain the low weight they achieved. Both of these groups of people have common properties. They use to cut their food habits a lot.

But a recent scientific studies showed that frequently eating is helpful to maintain your low weight and even it has a positive effect on reducing weight also. This may be unbelievable most of you. But the study found that people who eats at least three main meals and two snacks in between maintained their weight consistently at low levels. In addition to that they have a less variety of foods and they have a proper schedule for taking meals.

Scientists believe that eating snacks in between main meals can reduce the hunger and reduce the portion size of the main meal. Therefore having a healthy snack is good for losing weight and maintaining the weight also.

But choosing a snack is not that easy in current marketing background. There are lots of snacks in food stores, every manufacturer trying to promote their products. Therefore it easy to you to getting to a wrong pathway. So we are trying to give you an idea about what are the healthy snacks.

There by we share our best list of healthy snacks including mostly organic foods and others are low calorie products without artificial ingredients and additives. We consider all low carb, high protein, low fat lists of snacks and select the best of all.

Here we go,

  1. Hard boiled egg

A hard boiled egg would be a perfect snack for weight loss. Even though there are lots of controversial facts about eggs, they are still one of the cheapest and best protein rich food. Taking a protein rich snack can improve your body metabolism than carbohydrates or fat. Researches found that body metabolism increases up to 15 -30 % with the protein rich food. Because our body tend to used stored energy as fat to digest and absorb protein diet.


Also protein can improve your satiety than carbohydrates rich meal to make you less hunger. An egg contains about 78 calories with certain nutrients. Lutein and zeaxanthin are antioxidants include in egg which help in inflammatory conditions. Vitamin D in eggs are very useful in better bone and muscle functions.


Most people asking that how many eggs to eat ? And is it unhealthy to eat lots of eggs ? The American Heart Association have done a research and found that taking up to seven eggs per week never cause harm for people without cardiovascular diseases or diabetes. But in people who have these comorbidities it’s better to use egg white and less amount of yolk.


  1. Avocado

Avocado has lots of health benefits compared with other foods. One serving ( one fifth of an avocado) of avocado contains 68 calories , 3 grams of fiber, 6 grams of fat and 3 grams of carbohydrates. Not at all the USDA National Nutritional Database  shows that avocado contains lots of micro nutrients like vitamin K, C, E, B6, riboflavin, niacin and minerals like magnesium and potassium. Also omega 3 fatty acids which is very helpful in cellular metabolism. Avocado would be a great substitute for oily fish for vegans to take lots of omega 3 fatty acids.


Avocado contains natural plant sterol called beta-sitosterol which helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It gives lots of health benefits for heart to reduce the risk of heart attacks. Avocado is rich in vitamin K which helps in better bone and muscle functioning and also reduce bleeding tendency.


Avocado has natural detoxification capability against reactive oxygen compounds made by cell metabolism. And it slow down the aging process. Avocado also contains a lots of natural fiber which promotes digestion.


  1. Sun dried tomatoes

Sun dried tomatoes are not just dried tomatoes. Sun drying preserves the nutrient levels of natural tomatoes. A cup of sun dried tomatoes has 140 calories with proteins and fiber. It also has vitamin K and C, potassium which improves nervous system functions. The vitamin C and lycopene in tomatoes work as antioxidants. Vitamin B complex improves the red cell functions. Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in tomatoes helps in better bone metabolism and improves skeletal system functioning.


  1. Whey Protein

Whey is a protein that extracted from milk in cheese production. So there is no doubt that whey is one of the high quality protein you can get all the essential amino acids in one product. Because it is natural there is less harm compared with artificial protein products. Whey promotes muscle gain especially when you get old, there is a high tendency to fat deposition and reducing muscle bulk. This makes you risk for most of the non communicable diseases.


The Lactokinin in whey protein can inhibit the Angiotensin Converting Enzyme ( ACE ) which is the same process that Enalapril, Ramipril like anti hypertensive drugs act in our body to lower the blood pressure.

Type 2 diabetes patients also can take whey protein without problems because it can improve blood glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity of cells. Loss of insulin sensitivity of the cells is the main disability that type 2 diabetes patients face.


  1. Almond with dark chocolate

This combination makes a great healthy snack for both weight reduction and improve body functions. Almond contains monounsaturated fatty acids which are good for blood pressure reduction and improve satiety to promote weight reduction.


Dark chocolate has flavenols which is great for blood pressure control and reduce cardiovascular disease risk. Also caffeine in dark chocolate makes you alert throughout the day. Dark chocolate has the ability to improve dopamine secretion in our brain which helps in better function of the brain.


  1. Kale

Kale is a famous vegetable in cabbage family. There are several types of Kale, all contain lots of vitamins and minerals. The beta-carotene, vitamin C, flavonoids and polyphenols act as antioxidants. Vitamin C also facilitates iron absorption from gut as well as formation of connective tissue like collagen.


Kale has ability to bind with bile acids in our gut and facilitate its excretion via faeces. So bile acid reabsorption is reduced and formation of cholesterol by bile acid in the liver is controlled. Kale has lots of fiber but less calories. So eating Kale gives you a bulk of food and improves satiety. This helps you in weight reduction.


  1. Nuts

Almonds, cashew, Brazil nut, hazelnut and there are many which are very popular in the world. The best thing is both vegan and non vegan can eat nuts without any issue. But some have allergies towards certain nuts, so it need to be concerned prior to use.


Even though nuts contain high amount of calories researches showed that only a few proportion of those really get absorbed. Most of them are eliminated due to fibrous cover of nuts doesn’t allow the to get absorbed. And its proven that due to high amount of fibre in nuts make the foods more bulky and improves satiety.


Nuts contain lots of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which helps to make healthy cholesterol. And also nuts have lots of anti inflammatory substances, ability to control high blood pressure. The healthy cholesterol make the nuts protective for heart attacks and strokes.


  1. Bell peppers

Red or green any type of bell peppers are rich in vitamins and minerals. They only have 38 calories per 100 grams. About 90% of bell peppers have water. They are filled with antioxidants which are plant based polyphenols. And they contain carotenoids like lutein which helps in carotene production. It improves eye sight.


Bell peppers have both iron and vitamin C which make it perfect for iron deficiency anaemia. Because there is no need to take vitamin C separately with iron.


  1. Cucumbers

It’s a fruit although most people think it as a vegetable. It has less calories above 45 calories per 300 grams. So for one serving we only use one third of these. Cucumber is highly contained with water which is 95%. It helps to improve the hydration and water intake causes fullness, and reduce the hunger.


Cucumber contains lots of antioxidants which helps to reduce body’s oxidative stress. This prevents diabetes patients from occurring micro vascular complications like neuropathy, retinopathy. The high water content and fibre content make the cucumber is good for making the bowel movements regular.


  1. Chia seeds

People making various foods with chia seeds. The famous one is the pudding. Any how chia seeds are very healthy food compared with others. Its main nutrients are fibre, protein and fat. The carbohydrates in chia seeds almost all comes as fibre form which is unable to digest. So there is almost zero carbohydrates are supplied by chia.


The fibre content in chia seeds makes the food more bulky and favours proper bowel functions as well. Chia contains lots of antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids. Although most of these plant omega 3 fats are not absorbable in human, chia contains a descent amount of effective omega 3s as well like DHA.


Chia seeds contain lots of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium which are essential in optimum bone health. Also animal studies have shown that chia seeds can stabilise the blood pressure and blood sugar levels as well.


  1. Baby carrots

This is vastly popular recently as a healthy snack. Actual baby carrots are regular carrots which are harvested while small. Between baby carrots and regular size carrots have a few differences but they both are highly nutritious.


100 grams of carrots have only 41 calories. And there are lots of water included. The famous component of carrots, beta carotene is helpful in improving vision and act as a protective factor for breast, prostate and colorectal cancers.


Carrots are helpful in controlling blood pressure and the less amount of calories  makes them a weight loss promoting snack.


  1. Baked zucchini

Zucchini is defined as both vegetable and fruit. Zucchini is rich in vitamins and minerals. A cup of zucchini has 17 calories. It has lots of antioxidants like Carotenoids which are great in eye, heart and skin care and cancers like prostate and colorectal.


Zucchini contains both soluble and insoluble fibre and a lot of water. This makes bulking of stools and soften which facilitates the gut functions. With the same time it improves gut bacteria functioning which produce short chain fatty acids to improve gut functions.


The fibre found in zucchini helps to improve insulin sensitivity as well as reduce glucose absorption from gut. So ultimately it stabilizes the blood sugar levels as well. The Pectin found in zucchini helps to reduce the LDL cholesterol levels which are bad cholesterol. Because of this and the potassium in this reduces the cardiovascular risk.


  1. Oats

Oats are considered as one of the highly nutritious grains in the world. A half cup of oats (73 grams ) contains 51 grams of carbohydrates, 13 grams of protein and 5 grams of fat. It consists of 303 calories.


Oats have lots of antioxidants mainly avenanthramides, solely found in oats helps to release nitric oxide and promote vasodilatation. This helps in controlling blood pressure. Oats contain beta glucan as the main soluble fibre. It act as a thick gel like structure in the gut and make less absorption of LDL cholesterol and glucose, improve stomach fullness and growth of healthy gut bacteria.


Oats are better for skin conditions like eczema. There are lots of skin products that contain oats as their main ingredient.


  1. Popcorn

You may not believe this, but popcorn is one of the healthiest snack in the world. It is made by corn, the centre of popcorn has a kernel. Lots of vitamins and minerals are included in popcorn and 100 grams contain 337 calories.


Popcorn contain polyphenols which are antioxidants protect our cells, improve our blood circulation and digestive tract. There are lots of fibre in popcorn which also improves digestion and promote weight loss.


  1. Edamame

Edamame is currently gaining popularity in western world. Earlier it was a famous food in Asian countries which their ancestors commonly used. Edamame is immature soybeans. It contains lots of vitamins and minerals. Also it is rich in proteins which can be a good substitute for vegans.


Edamame contains lots of fibre and antioxidants which helps in reducing carbohydrates absorption from gut, by reducing rising of blood sugar. Isoflavones is a plant compound that easily found in Edamame. It can binds with oestrogen receptors in women’s body. Because of that oestrogen action reduced, making women less susceptible for breast cancers.


Isoflavones are helpful in controlling pre menopausal symptoms like hot flushes, mood swings and reduce the risk of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. Men also have benefits from isoflavones, by reducing the risk of prostate cancers.


In conclusion

Snacks are not unhealthy foods anymore. Healthy snacks have lots of benefits, both weight reducing and body building people can use snacks. But it’s better use snacks with good knowledge. The proper preparations of snacks are crucial. Otherwise using unhealthy additives such as high salt, sugar or oil make your healthy snack a junk food.



  1. What is the best snack for weight loss?

Following are some of the best snacks you can use to lose weight.

  1. Hummus and vegetables
  2. Celery sticks with nut butter
  3. Low fat cheese
  4. Hard boiled eggs
  5. Greek yogurt


  1. What desserts are the healthiest?

Fresh fruits and low fat foods are considered as healthy desserts.

  1. Grilled fruits
  2. Dark chocolate
  3. Ricotta and berries
  4. Healthy apple pie


  1. What can you eat instead of cake?

Satisfy your cravings with following healthy foods.

  1. Fresh fruit
  2. Greek yogurt
  3. Snack bar
  4. Dark chocolate
  5. Cottage cheese


  1. How much chocolate a day is healthy?

It varies with the flavanol content of each chocolate has. Because manufacturers don’t clearly mentioned this, you can get an idea about the smog cocoa in the chocolate. A recent study showed that consuming 20 – 30 grams of dark chocolate which has about 70% of cocoa per day is adequate.

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