5 things to consider before baking

5 things to consider before baking

One mistake that you should be looking to avoid is baking for special occasions. In other words, if you have just started baking, you need to ensure that you are not putting too much on the line for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. It would always be a better and safer idea to visit online cake shops and order something that everyone will like. You don’t want to come up with a burnt piece of cake to celebrate anyone’s birthday. That would be the worst thing ever to happen!

Baking takes a lot of time and patience to master. It is a very disciplined yet equally fun process. Tradition and experimental spirit come together to help the chefs and patissiers make the most delectable baked goodies. And, since every mad scientist and brilliant artist requires the right tools to create their masterpieces, the role of bakeware and baking tools is also very important here.

Keeping that in mind, Le Creuset creates quality bakeware that is durable, versatile, and efficient. And everyone knows that investing in durable, well-made cooking and bakeware means having a partner in crime for life, one that can be passed down for generations. Now that you have invested in the right bakeware and are geared and ready to cook your first (or the thousandth) baking recipe, here’s a quick list of 5 things to keep in mind before you start baking:

Read and understand the recipe

Do not directly start cooking. Always read the recipe fully before starting the cooking process. This way, you will know exactly how to proceed and how the entire process should look. It would help you prepare ingredients and start processes more efficiently and easily. For example, you need to separate the wet and dry ingredients when you are making most cakes, so knowing that beforehand could help you set up the appropriate bowls, tools, and bakeware and have them all ready to go for when you need to mix and combine the ingredients in question.

Have all your ingredients at room temperature

Ingredients are in their normal state at room temperature. Butter is just at the right temperature, ensuring easy and proper mixing. Nothing is too warm or too cold, so no sudden temperature changes will shock any ingredients and the dough. So, make sure you have all your ingredients laid out first and that they are all at room temperature. After that, begin the measuring process.

Measure out ingredients

Baking is as much a science as it is an art. And the scientific aspect of it is in its measurements. Unlike non-baked goodies, the ingredients in baked delicacies need to be measured carefully. Ingredient measurements only vary when the size or serving numbers of the dish changes. The timing is also important when you are baking. So, it is important to have every ingredient ready and measured out before you move any of them to the mixing bowl or into its bakeware.

Pre-heat the oven

Always remember to pre-heat the oven for an appropriate time according to the recipe before you actually start baking. This ensures that your painstakingly made pizza dough (or any dough, for that matter) is not shocked by sudden temperature change. This would avoid sinkage and ensure that you get just the right amount of height, texture, and fluffiness.

Choose and prepare the appropriate piece of bakeware

Choose And Prepare The Appropriate Piece Of Bakeware

Different baking recipes and preparations require different kinds of bakeware. For example, you need sheet trays for baking sheet cakes, cookie and muffin tins for cookie and muffin recipes, respectively, and casseroles for different layered recipes like lasagna and tiramisu. Depending on your recipe, ensure all the right bakeware and baking tools are out, cleaned, dried, and buttered (if needed).

Not sure what kind of bakeware would be appropriate for the new recipe you want to try out? Below is a list of Le Creuset bakeware and the various recipes you can use them for:

Round cake tin:

These deep, insulated cake tins are the best option to go for when you are trying a new cake recipe, be it a sponge, angel, pound, or any other type of cake. If you ever plan on baking cakes, this is, thus, definitely a necessary investment. Every baker, novice or professional, needs an array of different-sized and shaped cake tins in their kitchen.

Large sheet pan:

This large sheet pan is the answer to whether you want to bake cookies or make wafers or sheet cakes. Versatile and efficient, this pan offers proper heat distribution, so your little indulgences turn out perfect every time. The silicon handle also offers a non-slip grip and easy portability.

Rectangular dish:

Whether you make lasagna, tiramisu, baked pasta, roasted chicken, or just need a utensil for breading, this rectangular dish is the answer. Durable and efficient, it offers even heat distribution and versatility.

Oval Au Gratin dishes:

You can use these rustic-looking Au Gratin dishes to serve your dishes. You can, of course, use them to make the perfect Au Gratin each time. These dishes are also perfect for when you are baking anything that requires a crispy top.

Insulated cookie sheets:

Be it gooey chocolate cookies, nutty, crunchy ones, or sugary wafer-thin biscuits, you can make it all using these insulated cookie sheets. They are insulated and offer great heat retention and even heat distribution, so your cookies are never too hard, too dry, or brittle and turn out perfect each and every time.

12-cup muffin tray:

Make the perfect batch of soft cupcakes and delectable muffins each time with this insulated muffin tray. Like the other bakeware on this list, this tray is made to retain and distribute the heat properly, so your muffins never sink or go dry.


Once all these steps are taken care of and the ingredients are ready to go, you can finally start the baking process. Remember to refer to the recipe now and then to ensure you are doing things in the right order and way. Also, if you are not someone who knows exactly what they are doing, it is better to stick to the proportions mentioned in the recipe. Experimentation is great, but things can go wrong easily when it comes to baking. So, unless you are an expert, try and only experiment with flavors and not anything else.


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