7 On-The-Go Breakfast Ideas That Are Good For You

7 On-The-Go Breakfast Ideas That Are Good For You

As you may have already heard from dieticians and doctors, eating breakfast is essential to start the day right and strong. However, it can be tempting to forego eating this meal if you’re constantly rushing through your mornings as you prepare for work and commute, doing so many things at once. The good news is that breakfast meals don’t take much time to prepare.

Breakfast Ideas

If you can spare a maximum of 30 minutes every morning, you’ll be able to whip up a delicious breakfast meal on the go. Take a break from eating ready-to-eat protein bars or going to fast-food chains’ drive-thru. Make your breakfast more satisfying and healthier by preparing it yourself. Doing so allows you to eat some tasty and filling breakfasts every morning to start your day productively. That said, here are some on-the-go breakfast ideas that you can try:

#1 Smoothies

Smoothies are great on-the-go breakfast meals for busy individuals. Its nutritional value can drastically change depending on the ingredients used to create them. It’s the fastest and most convenient way to consume all the vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables. There are many smoothie recipes to try, so you won’t ever run out of ideas.
You can use milk, cream, yogurt, or water as its liquid base and add fruits and veggies that you want and need for your health. You can also opt to purchase ready-to-blend smoothie mixes online, which only require 30 seconds to come up with your breakfast meal. Just ensure to buy from reputable online stores. The key here is to find a smoothie brand that is helping their community and enriching other people’s lives.

#2 Overnight Oats

You and your fitness enthusiast-friends have probably shared a conversation about some of the trending breakfast foods today. And someone may have suggested overnight oats. Oatmeal is an ideal breakfast meal option for those constantly battling to manage their morning schedules. You can make these overnight, as its name suggests, and consume them in the morning.Overnight oats usually contain raw oat, milk, yogurt, fruits, and nuts. You have the liberty to add and incorporate whatever fruit you prefer to elevate the taste of your overnight oats. Food lovers adore its creamy consistency and flavorful taste, as well as the weight loss and health benefits of this morning meal. When people lack time in the morning, they mostly go to the nearest convenience store or fast-food chain selling fresh donuts or breakfast burgers, which are unhealthy. You can make healthier decisions when you plan your breakfast meals and go for overnight oats.

#3 Breakfast Porridge

Whatever your favorite breakfast option is, you may want to try breakfast porridge. It’s known to be one of the healthiest breakfast choices. It can help fill you right away and prepare you for a long day ahead. Porridge is a source of complex carbs that are absorbed slowly into the body and is a valuable energy source. They also contain vitamins and nutrients.Porridges are plain-tasting, but you can modify them by adding some protein like chicken, seeds, and nuts. It may surprise you to learn that porridge is beneficial for keeping your immune system healthy. And having a robust immune system is what you need to shoo away any sickness or disease.

#4 Spinach Feta Wrap

Wraps are a great option if you want to eat a healthy breakfast on the way. Whether you’re driving, commuting, or walking, eating a wrap is not that complex compared to other breakfast meals. You can eat them the same way you eat sandwiches, so they’re perfect for hectic mornings. This breakfast idea comprises spinach, feta cheese, and egg whites.t’s an effective way to add some twists to your usual breakfast sandwiches. Instead of thick bread, go for pita, rice, or leafy wraps, and put in enough spinach and feta cheese. You can opt to add egg whites to get your protein fixed. With 300 to 400 calories per wrap, you can have enough energy during the day to carry on with your busy schedule.

#5 Microwaved Caprese Cups

If you can’t afford the time to chop your ingredients and cook them on the stove, toss and combine all your fresh ingredients in a cup or bowl and place it in the microwave to cook. This option works well with the microwaved Caprese cup breakfast idea. You can enjoy this breakfast meal without investing much time and effort. Prepare your cherry tomatoes, cheese, eggs, and ham in a cup and put them in the microwave for 12 minutes. Don’t forget to add herbs and salt for the flavor.

#6 Frozen Burritos

There’s nothing better than frozen breakfast burritos that you can easily microwave. They’re very versatile and flexible to make. You only need to decide what ingredients to put inside them. Since you’ll have them for breakfast, preparing scrambled eggs, cheese, lettuce, and ham is a good idea. You can substitute baked beans if the ham is too heavy for you in the mornings. With the convenience of tortilla wraps, you can roll them easily and eat them as you go off to work in the morning. It’s easy to make in advance, filling, and you can heat them whenever your appetite strikes.

#7 Boiled Egg Sandwich
Boiled Egg Sandwich

One of the most popular breakfast ingredients is the egg. There’s nothing to hate about them since they’re filled with proteins, calcium, and other vitamins. They can also sustain you with enough energy to last the day. For these reasons and more, you can make eggs as the primary component of your sandwich breakfast meal. There are many diverse egg-based recipe sandwiches to try out. They’re pretty easy to prepare and only require 1 to 3 ingredients. These are ideal when you’re pressed on time in the mornings. You can wrap the sandwich in wrapping paper and eat it while commuting. Finally, if you have the luxury of preparing more of your sandwich cravings, there are more cheese sandwich recipes you can try.


There you have it; you now have seven delicious breakfast ideas to try. You may want to try a different one every day. The key is to go for fresh produce and ensure to prepare the ingredients timely so it won’t consume time in your busy mornings. These easy on-the-go breakfast meals are enough to make you filled and happy in the morning.


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