Nutrients To Include In Your Diet To Maintain Your Brain

Nutrients To Include In Your Diet To Maintain Your Brain


A healthy brain results in a healthy body. This health comes from the nutrients provided by the foods we eat. Some nutrients get directly to the brain, helping to enhance its health. In your food choices, you should consider these nutrients so that the brain has the power to handle the difficult work it is subjected to every day. Keeping the brain healthy is essential so that when you pay to do your homework, you can divert attention to other personal projects or even find time to relax. Here are essential nutrients that will guarantee the health of your brain.

B Vitamins

The brain consumes about 17% of your energy. This energy must be replenished because its levels affect your mood and overall performance. It is the work of B vitamins to keep the brain energetic enough to handle everyday life demands.

B vitamins have been noted to lower the occurrence of dementia. They help boost your memory and, therefore, be a perfect addition to a college student’s diet. They also help to reduce anxiety, stress, migraines, and PMS symptoms. Further, the vitamins will reduce the long and short-term possibilities of a heart attack.

Different B vitamins can be found in diverse foods. For example, B9 or folate is found in such foods as kales and spinach, among other heavily green foods. Choline, a vitamin linked to brain development, can be found in abundance in broccoli and cauliflower. Therefore, food rich in B vitamins will assist in the development and good health of your brain.


Proteins have their moments, especially for the workout community. There is a reason this community hypes the value of protein. It is an essential building block for your muscles. Remember that the brain occupies 3% of your body weight. It is also considered a set of muscles whose mass is important in the body’s overall ensemble.

Every cell in your body requires protein. If the brain consumes 17% of your energy, it means that the cells therein are heavily engaged and require regular replenishing. It is the work of proteins to repair these issues constantly. It makes the proteins essential nutrients for the good health and functionality of your brain.

The primary role of proteins in the body is growth, maintenance of body tissues, and energy provision. Further, antibodies, hormones, and other vital substances in the body are made from proteins. They are also the source of energy when conventional sources are not available.

Proteins are made from amino acids. The body produces amino acids on its own but will require raw materials from the foods we eat. As such, your diet must contain the building blocks for amino acids, which are proteins.

The best sources of proteins are eggs, meat, and plants such as beans. Eat a variety of eggs, different types of meats, and beans from different plants. It is the only way to guarantee diversity in the body and supply all essential nutrients the body requires.


Lycopene is an antioxidant that is known to protect the brain from dementia. It will also keep you from Alzheimer’s disease. This association is a testament to the need to take lycopene in large quantities.

Lycopene has also been linked to the treatment and prevention of different cancers. They include brain and breast cancers. In men, the consumption of foods rich in lycopene will shield them from prostate cancer.

Lycopene is also essential in blood circulation and nutrient absorption. It keeps blood vessels neat and clear so that nutrients are easily absorbed in the body. It is a red carotene and carotenoid pigment found in different foods. By consuming colorful foods like carrots, bell pepper, watermelon, and tomatoes, you increase your lycopene intake. It will result in a healthier brain.

Essential Nutrients You Should Include In Your Diet To Maintain Your Brain


The low-carb craze is likely to fool you into believing that carbohydrates are unhealthy for your body. On the centrally, they are essential nutrients for the day-to-day running of the body and long-term health. Carbohydrates are available in numerous foods and will also be used extensively in other body functions.

Carbohydrates provide the fuel needed to run the body, especially your nervous system. They are also the energy source for a brain that accounts for 17% of your consumption. According to experts, carbohydrates also play a crucial role in protecting your body against diseases.

As though by natural selection, carbohydrates form 45%-65% of the food you consume daily. Before you think that you have received a blank check to eat all you want, remember it is the type of carbohydrates you consume that will make a health difference. There are healthy and unhealthy carbohydrates.

The best sources of healthy carbohydrates for your brain include whole grains, beans, fruits, and whole-grains. Foods rich in fiber are also an excellent source of carbohydrates. Avoid excessively refined grains, and sugars added to foods during processing. They have long-term adverse effects on your body.


Fats join the category of foods that are heavily admonished. However, the body needs a decent supply of fat, especially to sustain reasonable brain activity. Fats directly help the brain and support other nutrients like vitamins, zinc, and proteins.

Fats will also help with the building of cells, muscles, and blood clotting. Fats are important in muscle movement, a crucial part of overall health. Because fats are high in calories, they provide the energy required to keep the body running. Take foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fats like fish and white meat. Seeds and vegetable oils are also healthy sources.


Zinc is associated with memory and a sharp brain. It will strengthen your immune system and promote cell growth. Seafood, potatoes, and lamb are excellent sources of zinc. Excessive consumption has adverse effects that you would rather avoid.

A healthy brain will help to boost your potential. By consuming the right foods, you will boost your memory, focus and enhance sleep. A healthy brain is easy to achieve when you consume a variety of these nutritious foods.


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