5 Perfect Occasions To Celebrate With Alcohol Or Wine 

5 Perfect Occasions To Celebrate With Alcohol Or Wine 

Occasions To Celebrate With Alcohol

Celebrating a big break at work, a new lover, or simply being thankful for everything brings a sense of joy like no other. Dedicating time to celebrate what you have and appreciate a moment is a very unique human experience that most of us have been through at least once. Celebrating the perfect occasion requires planning, a good budget, a close group of friends, and of course, a fine set of drinks. However, picking the right drinks for the right event is tricky.
You need to plan things out and think of the most appropriate beverage menu for the occasion. This article talks about some perfect occasions that you can celebrate with alcohol or wine.

We will be talking about a few common and favorite celebration occasions and discuss what the most appropriate drinks would be for an event like this. If you have something coming up soon, read carefully, this article will help you plan things out most efficiently.

Celebrating your relationship

You don’t need to solely celebrate your relationship on your anniversary. If you have found a lover who you click with and one you see a future with, stay in, cook a nice dinner and celebrate the bond you have. If you live in the Calgary area and want to avoid going out because of the snow and perhaps even the virus, consider having a bottle of wine delivered to your house. The Calgary wine delivery services have the potential to make your special day 10x more special because they have some of the finest selection of wine you might even want. Coupled with the fact that they are delivering it to the house, you can have the perfect laid-back, romantic night in.

A bottle of red wine on a night like this will revitalize the romantic charm and create a moment to remember. Try and cook a dish that goes well with a bottle of red to add balance.

Celebrating a work achievement with champagne

Closing a big sale, getting a promotion, or scoring a bonus all warrant a celebration with your closest friends and family members. Consider taking them out to a nice restaurant and buying a couple of bottles of champagne depending on how many people there are.
A bottle of bubbly is the best way to celebrate a respectable achievement at work. Champagne is traditionally one of the most elegant alcoholic drinks you can consume, hence why a bottle can cost you a small fortune. Therefore, we advise you to keep the group small and perhaps buy a fancy Chardonnay because supplying the beverage to a larger group can cost an arm and a leg.

Your favorite team winning a game

Your Favorite Team Winning A Game Title

Sports fans all around the world will understand that having their favorite team win something big calls for celebration. Men especially take more pride in sports and their respective teams. Saying that they obsess over them would not be an understatement in any way. There is only one way to celebrate a big win in sports and that’s with beer.
Beer and sports is an age-old unsaid relationship. Whether you are watching the big game at a sports bar or in your living room, you can be sure that there will be at least one bottle/ can of beer in your hand.

Bring in a few friends or family members and you have a real party on your hands. The bigger the win, the more beer you would likely consume. Enjoy yourself; your team has won so drink and goof off with your friends!

Celebrations with the boss

We talked about celebrating work victories outside of work. However, if you have sealed a deal or brought pride to your company and have a meeting with your boss, there is only one beverage for this occasion; scotch or whiskey.
A small pint of hard liquor makes an achievement like this so much better. Sitting down with your boss while everyone has left, pouring out the brown from a fancy decanter is usually something you see in the movies. However, you can make it a reality if you have that kind of comfort level with your boss. Have a conversation, talk about your future and appreciate the moment and the victory with a clink of small glasses.

A party with some vodka

When you want to celebrate and have fun for no reason, get a couple of bottles of vodka. Celebrating for the sake of it and enjoying life as it is, is a special charm that not many people get to experience. More people need to celebrate simply being happy. Have fun, throw a party and let loose for a little while. You don’t need a reason to celebrate all the time. Being happy, confident, and wanting to have fun is reason enough!
Vodka goes a long way in helping people loosen up, but it can be pretty hard on some people as well. It’s known to be a pretty potent spirit, and if you have a weak tolerance, you might not want to consume too many shots. Moreover, the taste can be a bit hard to handle; therefore, you might want to opt for tequila instead.


There we have some beverages that go perfectly with certain occasions. These are not set in stone and you can mix things around as you feel fit. It’s your celebration, and you have the choice to do whatever you like at this time. Just make sure you don’t prioritize the drinks and enjoy the moment instead.
We have talked about a romantic date and a party with some vodka. There are several other occasions and drinks that we have mentioned throughout the article, and we think you should consider whichever ones suit you best.

We appreciate that you want to live a little and enjoy yourself. Celebrate the little things, celebrate the bigger things, but celebrate nonetheless. Life is far too short to let happiness go by without acknowledging it.


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