What to eat today? – Day 8 of Healthy Meal Plan

Eating a balanced or nutrition-rich diet provides numerous health benefits; people who eat more fruits,
vegetables, and another protein-rich diet overall stay healthy and energetic. Healthy and balanced diets
help to reduce the risks of different chronic diseases. A balanced diet can be a combo of low or high
nutrition foods that make a balanced diet. These balanced diets provide essential nutrients necessary
for maintaining your brain-related activities and regulate the different systems of the body.

T Bone Steak Freshly Roasted On Barbecue Grill
T Bone Steak

Day 8-Diet Plan

Day 8 will serve you nearly 2000 calories. This diet will highly nutritious and healthy. This nutrition-rich
diet will be Combination of fats carbohydrates and calories. It will address all your bodily needs and help
to decrease the risk of chronic diseases.


Breakfast is necessary for your health and as important as other meals. It will provide you Instant energy
after a long break of the night. And it will be a Combination of almost 395 calories. That is necessary for
morning time meal.

  • 4 medium slices of beef (20 lb); recipe
  • A cup of Nonfat milk
  • Whole grain wheat bread one slice
  • A small cup of grapes


Your lunch should be healthy and nutritious packed. Lunch is necessary for everyone. That keeps your
body and brain active. Healthy lunch provides instant energy to the body and much-needed glucose to
the brain.
Lunch should be eating in a comfortable environment where you can sit for at least 30 minutes to eat
lunch in a relaxing and calm way. Day 8 lunch will cater you approximately 750 calories this meal will be
a combo of high and low nutrients. Such as

  • One wheat Dinner roll recipe
  • Half cup Black beans
  • 25g sliced almond
  • 1 cup slices of cucumber
  • One tablespoon olive oil
  • Half cup Black beans  
  • Herbal tea or black coffee


Dinner is as necessary as other meals, like breakfast and lunch. You need to fill yourself up with healthy
food throughout the day. Your body needs a healthy diet according to your work capacity or Lifestyle
that you are following.
Your night time meal plate should be a mixture of different superfoods. That offers you a punch of
nutrition, which helps you to the nourishment of your body and also useful for a peaceful sleep. For this
purpose, you need to take a diet that should be a combo of whole grain, fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans,
and seeds. Day 8 dinner is going to serve you with almost 1105 calories. Such as

  • 25 g sliced almonds
  • 1 cup nonfat milk
  • 12 pieces of strawberries
  • Four slices of onions
  • Half cup of brown rice
  • Black beans half cup
  • Half cup chocolate frozen yogurt
"single White Dinner Roll On Side Plate, Split Open With Butter Pat."
single White Dinner Roll


  • 4 ounce roasted turkey breast
  • Mix vegetable salad
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • Coffee or lime water


In short, more or less, this balanced diet plan will serve you a packed punch of 2200 calories for a day; it
will be full of nutrition that your body needs to maintain its procedure.

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