Incorporating Texas Olive Oil Into Your Daily Diet

Incorporating Texas Olive Oil Into Your Daily Diet

It takes 21 days to make or break a habit, as stated by the renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Maxwell Maltz. In reality, it may take a longer time to implement certain kinds of changes in our lives. Whether it’s adjusting to a new organization, beginning a new relationship, or merely making those much-needed dietary changes.

The first thing that pops in a person’s head when he thinks about eating healthy is reducing the quantity of oily food consumed daily and focusing his energy on working out to burn those stubborn calories. This article here would like to inform those that believe all kinds of oils are bad; olive oil is an exception. It has countless benefits, and here are some creative ways to incorporate Texas olive oil into your daily routine. Let’s dive into the tantalizing culinary potentials of the gift that nature has offered us.

Health Benefits

Olive oil’s popularity has grown over the years. It contains the healthiest fats worldwide, making it one of the essential dietary stable foods important to living a hale and hearty life.

Olive oils are found in different forms and quantities on various continents. However, the one olive oil known to be the healthiest is EVOO, short for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Extracted using natural methods, it can retain several of its health properties compared to other olive oils.

At Texas Hill Country Olive Co., olive oil is cold-pressed using fresh olives and with a variety of flavors, providing their clients with a one-of-a-kind experience. This Texas olive oil has several benefits. A couple of these include:

  • Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular disease
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties


Ways to Incorporate Texas Olive Oil Into Your Diet

Salad dressings

If a bottle of olive oil is not in use, then what you can do is use olive oil in place of processed store-bought dressings. Just mix olive oil with some lemon juice, drizzle it all over your salad, and you have yourself vinaigrette. Use your Texas olive oil and make your favorite salads tastier and healthier.


For Eggs

Everybody loves bacon and eggs on a Sunday morning. Why not use flavorful Texas olive oil to add that extra boost of flavor to your eggs. Drizzle the olive oil all over the pan and fry those eggs and make them a healthy treat.


Bake Away with Texas Olive Oil

When baking, people often prefer butter over oils. What people don’t know is that olive oil has abundant antioxidants and unsaturated fats. This makes this oil an ideal choice for baking cakes, pastries, etc. Anyone who loves baked food then replacing the butter with olive oil will reduce cholesterol levels and help maintain weight.

Incorporating Texas Olive Oil Into Your Daily Diet


With cheese

Cheese and olive oil may seem an odd combination, but it is one of the tastiest combinations ever. Using cheese like mozzarella cheese is ideal for making this combination work. Place the hard cheese on your plate, drizzle some salt, pepper, and the best, Texas olive oil. Enjoy scrumptious food at your table. The creaminess of the cheese and the savory-ness of olive oil makes it a pair created in heaven.


Roast your Vegetables with Olive Oil

Enhance the flavor of Brussel sprouts by tossing those veggies in Texas olive oil or roasting them. This will add another layer of textures to the food and make them much more appealing and delicious. Enjoy a healthy lunch, having your veggies cooked in healthy fats. Remember to add some salt to meet perfection.


Ice Cream Sundaes with Texas Olive Oil

Another odd combination and something you might’ve never heard about. Ice creams are delicious. But what adds texture and punch of flavor to the ice cream adds a hint of extra virgin olive oil and some sea salt. This combination works surprisingly well with strawberry and vanilla ice-cream. Those in love with chocolate ice-cream can mix some figs and olive oil. Try it the next time you dig in to eat your ice cream.


Pasta and Sandwiches

Tossing pasta in olive oil helps enhance its flavor and stops it from clumping together. Add your favorite sauce to your pasta, and you are good to go. The olive oil adds multiple flavors and textures to the food.

A majority favorite, the sandwich, is best served grilled with some olive oil brushed onto it. Absolutely delicious!


Pancakes and Waffles

Everybody loves pancakes. They are usually cooked in those cheap vegetable oils found in grocery stores. Replace those ordinary oils with the superior Texas olive oil and make the much-needed healthy change in your lifestyle. Brush some extra virgin olive oil when making chocolate pancakes. Similarly, brush some olive oil to make those tasty waffles for everybody to enjoy.


Enjoy fruits with Texas olive oil.

Olive oil is being enjoyed as both sweet and savory. Fruits are not left behind. Drizzle some oil in fruit salads to make them appetizing. Take a bowl and add some chopped apples, peaches, berries, or any fruit available during the season. Sprinkle some salt and brush some olive oil to add textures to the salad. A flavorful and healthy dessert is ready.

Lastly, if oil loses its flavor or goes bad, you can still use it on your hair or utilize it to clean your furniture and products made out of leather.

Besides, olive oil helps in polishing and making things shine as well. The benefits of olive oil are not just limited to food but even our homes.

Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

The different ways Texas olive oil is incorporated into an individual’s diet are remarkable. However, accessing the most authentic olive oil can be difficult. Texas Hill Olive Co. is at your service. Processed with the finest olives, Texas Hill provides its customers with organic, high-quality olive oil in various versions, catering to every need and requirement.

So, don’t wander in the markets and get the best Texas olive oil from Texas’s nearest stores.



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